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About Us

The organisation is effortsless with its own special programe and planning between you for solution of problems connected with health in Society at Village Areas.


The Organisation is encouraging to provide facilities like health doctors, medical inspection medicines and special type of health amirat jal also senetary pad for women in the society of villagers. The organisation will organise the various programe time to time and gave, a change, for health, computer education, agriculture and unemployment ladies and gents in society of villagers areas.

Our Team

Dr. R.R. Kori


HHH Foundation

Dr. Praveen Chandra Vasya


HHH Foundation

Archana Praveen Vashya

Cheif Managing Director

India (India)

Dr. Nandani Rohit Gupta

Dy. Cheif Managing Director

Mumbai (India)

Sudhir Kumar Gupta

Managing Director

Delhi (India)

Kapil Dev Singh

Managing Director

UP West (India)

Vinay Yadav

Managing Director

UP East (India)

Dr.Vinayak Baranwal

Project Manager

HHH Foundation


Institutional specialization for solving health-related problems in the rural areas of society With the programs and plans you have to work hard. Health related facilities in rural areas of society, such as by health physician Health tests, health medicines, a special type of nectar-water and sanitary pad (monthly To provide a special blotting use by women at the time of religion) Is trying.